Amazing Scotch Eggs with Chorizo

This is a really old video I made for the YT, the sound was awful so I've re-edited it just for Rumble. I believe in Rumble and want to continue to build my presence here, hope you support. Quail eggs 8 Chorizo sausage 120g - 4oz Plain pork sausage 120g - 4oz Sliced chives (opt) 1 tbsp For the crumbing Beaten egg 2 Plain flour 150g - 5oz Blended crackers 150g - 5oz Amazing snack or canapés Scotch Quail Eggs with Chorizo. Scotch eggs are very popular nowadays and it seems that many different variations are available. So I though I'd share my recipe for scotch quail eggs, the quail eggs are obviously very small and require less cooking but done right you can still have that soft yolk centre in your scotch quail egg. The addition of chorizo to the standard sausage meat is the cherry on top and really elevated these scotch quail eggs to another level.