After an amazing RPG summer, this adorable crafting JRPG kicks off fall with 96% positive reviews

 Pieberry mixes together ingredients in a cauldron.
Pieberry mixes together ingredients in a cauldron.

Following on from the killer RPG lineup this summer, a cute craft ‘em up continues the amazing run.

WitchSpring R was released earlier this week, on September 26th, and it’s already reached an “Overwhelmingly Positive” rating based on over 750 Steam user reviews. Many players have loved the “chill” vibes and “funny” personalities, as well as the moreish farm/craft/battle loop. WitchSpring R is actually a full-fledged remake of a mobile game, and even more user reviews mention that they can’t wait for future remakes in the series.

“Play as Pieberry, a white-haired, bunny-eared witch growing up in a forest filled with monsters,” the store page explains. “To relive her childhood memories (eating delicious food!), she longs to venture among humans, but she can’t find a way to the outside world… until your story begins!”

You then set off into the fairytale world through classic Final Fantasy-type levels, collecting ingredients to upgrade Pieberry along the way. (Pieberry, a great name, by the way.) There’s also a cute pet mechanic, where you train different types of animals to help you. Those animals can include a boar, which makes me amused. But those animals can also join you in battle, so WitchSpring R almost channels some of Pokémon's creature collecting.

After the back-to-back RPG onslaught this summer - from Diablo 4, Starfield, Sea Of Stars, and Baldur’s Gate 3 - I’m happy to see another great game in the genre carry the torch. WitchSpring R is available on Steam right now.

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