AM Review: An Urban Escape at Lay Retreat

Lay Retreat is the latest relaxation hub that will melt your worries away with its quick yet revitalising seated massages.

When life gets too overwhelming, it’s always a good idea to take a break. And a rejuvenating session at the spa could be exactly what the doctor ordered.

Lay Retreat knows the value of a good massage, which was why I decided to give this retreat a visit. Nestled inside The Curve in Mutiara Damansara, this wellness centre is the perfect place to unwind. Conveniently located within the city, the space welcomes everyone to a quick and relaxing session at any time of the day.

The interior upon entering Lay Retreat
The interior upon entering Lay Retreat

Upon entering the spa, I was instantly put at ease by the tranquil ambiance. I was there to try their newest service, their 50-minute seated massages.

Out of the three selections in the category: The Top, The Bottom and The Pair, I opted for the third option as it will provide me with a full-body experience.

The session started off with a warm foot wash. It prepared me for the ultimate luxury that I’d be experiencing later. After that, I was ushered into a white room with six chairs covered with veils. I was also served a large coconut, engraved with ‘Lay Retreat’, as a complimentary beverage.

Once I settled down, a massage therapist came in and thus began my therapy session.

She started with a head- and neck-massage which instantly put me in the mood to sleep. With my body slowly relaxing, my tangled mind also began to unwind. The masseuse focused on my shoulders and back, kneading my tense muscles with just the right amount of pressure.

The quiet room, its silence broken only by peaceful and soft music, provided for the perfect indulgence soundtrack. As soon as the therapist was done with my back, I was invited to relax on the couch.

Next, it was on to the legs and feet. The therapist worked on my calves with pinpoint precision, and her firm strength worked out the tension in my feet I had accumulated from the day’s walking. I instantly thought of how suitable this treatment would be for those who run a lot, or as a pampering add-on to a long day’s worth of shopping.

The last part of the massage targeted the arms and hands. This time, the masseuse skipped the oil, providing ample grip to work out the kinks between my muscles and tendons. Throughout the 50-minute session, I actually felt my body progressing from tense to relaxed, one part at a time.

Besides its seated massages, Lay Retreat also offers several different ranges of services including table massages and nail treatments. And with eleven rooms available, the treatment centre has ample space to accommodate a good amount of customers at one go. Not that it matters, because when you’re in Lay Retreat, the friendly staff make you feel like you’re the only one they’re catering too, and that’s what I call a retreat.

One of the 11 massage rooms at the wellness centre.
One of the 11 massage rooms at the wellness centre.

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