‘I am howling!’: Janey Godley praised for parody video of Andrew Tate after Greta Thunberg comeback

Janey Godley has been praised by fans for her contribution to Andrew Tate’s online feud with Greta Thunberg.

Earlier this week, the controversial influencer tried to engage Thunberg, a climate activist, in a discussion about the emissions of his vehicles.

Thunberg responded by giving him a joke email address to direct his questions.

“Yes, please do enlighten me. email me at smalld***,” the 19-year-old implored Tate on Twitter on Wednesday (28 December).

Within minutes, Thunberg’s comeback received thousands of likes and comments, with plenty declaring it to be the best Twitter post of 2022. At the time of writing, her post has over 2.5 million likes.

Tate shared a further response, in a video. The clip sees Tate smoking a cigar and going on a bizarre rant claiming that Thunberg was referring to herself in her own comeback.

His retort has widely been considered lacking, with many finding even more humour in the influencer’s failed attempt to one-up Thunberg.

Scottish comedian Godley is one of many who have found joy in the exchange. Late on Wednesday (28 December), she reposted Tate’s video using her voice instead of his for comedic effect.

“Just to let you all know that Greta Thunberg, she tried to have a wee go at me on the internet,” Godley’s voice says as Tate speaks on camera.

“Because I’ve got 17 cars, two tanks, three tigers, a spider and a tortoise called Henry. Anyway, Greta had to have a go at me. I tell you something right now; see Greta, Greta disnae know anything about me!

“She said that I have small d*** energy. Honestly, people who know me know my penis is... erm... the size of a small stove.”

The parody video has received several positive responses from fans.

“You just killed me!” reads one reply, while another hailed the video as some of Godley’s “best work”.

“I am howling!!” wrote another.

Earlier this month, Godley announced that her cancer had returned and that she would be undergoing more chemotherapy ahead of her scheduled live tour in early 2023.