Alyssa Milano's 2 Kids: All About Milo and Elizabella

Alyssa Milano is a mother to a daughter and son with her husband David Bugliari

<p>Alyssa Milano Instagram</p> Alyssa Milano and her kids Milo and Elizabella.

Alyssa Milano Instagram

Alyssa Milano and her kids Milo and Elizabella.

Alyssa Milano is charmed to be a mom of two kids: Milo and Elizabella Bugliari.

The actress and her husband David Bugliari welcomed their first child, Milo Thomas, 12, in August 2011. Three years later, Alyssa gave birth to their daughter, Elizabella Dylan, 9, in September 2014. The mom-of-two has been open about her journey to parenthood and how she’s raising her children.

When her daughter was born, Alyssa told American Baby that becoming a mom changed her life in the best way.

"The first few weeks of being a mom were profound, not just emotionally but also, physically," she said. "All the changes you instinctually go through are miraculous. Everything is so new and scary. I ran the gamut of emotions."

In August 2018, Alyssa shared with PEOPLE how she handles difficult conversations with her children about tough issues and why it’s important for them to be aware of the world from a young age.

I’m a big believer in telling them the truth, first of all, and not hiding anything from them,” she said about choosing to take her children to protests and rallies in support of social issues like women’s rights. “I do feel that it’s such a time right now that there’s so much chaos and turmoil, it’s very hard to shelter them from that.”

<p>Alyssa Milano Instagram</p> Alyssa Milano, David Bugliari, and their kids Milo and Elizabella.

Alyssa Milano Instagram

Alyssa Milano, David Bugliari, and their kids Milo and Elizabella.

From whether they've seen their mom's work to their birth stories, here’s everything to know about Alyssa Milano’s kids.

Milo Thomas, 12

<p>Alyssa Milano Instagram</p> Alyssa Milano and her son Milo Thomas.

Alyssa Milano Instagram

Alyssa Milano and her son Milo Thomas.

Alyssa and David welcomed their first child together, Milo Thomas, on Aug. 31, 2011. The baby boy weighed in at 7 lbs and was 19 inches long, per a statement to Access Hollywood.

While she was pregnant, she told PEOPLE that Milo was already a very active child, always moving around her belly in ultrasounds.

“Watching him shift from one side to the other is pretty bizarre – but it makes me giggle,” she said. “Every time I get an ultrasound, he’s doing really funny things like sucking his thumb or elbowing me.”

Years later, Milo has kept his active energy, channeling it into sports like football and baseball, even earning a championship ring for his league in the latter.

In June 2023, he graduated from elementary school, causing Alyssa to feel “emotional” at the milestone.

"You love them so hard,” she wrote in the caption under a carousel of images from Milo’s graduation ceremony. “And nurture and guide and feed and push and cherish. And all that emotion—that fire in your belly—is to eventually let them fly. We hold them so close—to let them go. Gah!"

She added, "It’s hard. Being a parent is hard. Loving people that much, that wholly, is terrifying. There is nothing I want more than their health and happiness."

Months later, Alyssa received criticism when she posted on X (formerly known as Twitter) asking for donations for her son’s baseball team to travel from California to New York. People left comments on Milo’s Instagram page as well, with one pointing out that Alyssa has more money than the average person.

Milo replied to the comment, stating that he loves his mom and all that she does for people, pointing out his young age.

"You do realize I'm only 12 and I love my mom. My mom is the greatest human of all time. She does everything for everyone," he wrote.

The actress screenshotted some of the comments and posted them on her own Instagram, pointing out how inappropriate it is for people to leave hate on her son’s page and explaining why she could not pay for the whole trip herself.

"Every parent raises money for their child’s sports teams and many of them do so through GoFundMe. I am no different," she wrote. "As much as I’d love to pay for the entire team and their families for travel, transportation, hotel, food and beverage, uniforms, trading pins and all the things teams do for this kind of trip—I can not afford to do so. Maybe someday."

"Also, if I did pay for everyone—my trolls would find something else to be hurtful about. Regardless of how you feel about me, going on to my hardworking 12 year old son’s Instagram page and leaving these kinds of messages is so horrid," the actress continued. "Leave the kids alone. Let them play baseball."

Elizabella Dylan, 9

<p>Alyssa Milano Instagram</p> Alyssa Milano and her daughter Elizabella Dylan at the "Barbie" movie.

Alyssa Milano Instagram

Alyssa Milano and her daughter Elizabella Dylan at the "Barbie" movie.

Alyssa and David’s second child, Elizabella Dylan, who they call Bella, was born on Sept. 4, 2014 — a date that was pre-picked by her mom for a very special reason.

In November 2021, Alyssa shared on PEOPLE's Me Becoming Mom podcast that she wasn’t supposed to go into labor with Bella, but rather have a scheduled Cesarean section. However, the baby girl came five weeks earlier than planned.

"My doctor, whom I love so much, said to me, 'I think we're gonna take her. The question is, are we gonna go — it was like 11:30 at night — or should we wait until after midnight?' " Alyssa said. "And [my best friend] Alaa looked up whose birthdays were on the 3rd and the 4th. And he was like, 'Beyoncé's birthday is on the 4th! Wait until after midnight.' "

"So we picked her birthday," she continued. "We had a choice between September 3rd and 4th and because Beyoncé's birthday is the 4th, Alaa's like, 'Yep! We're in. The 4th.' "

Bella was born 7 lbs., 7 oz. and measured 19 ½ inches long, Alyssa’s rep told PEOPLE.

“Mommy and baby are doing wonderfully,” the rep said in a statement.

Bella seems to have inherited her mom’s love for acting, starring in a few local stage productions like The Little Mermaid and The Wizard of Oz. However, the Charmed alum still isn’t ready for her daughter to see her work.

"They have not seen Charmed for many reasons," Alyssa said in a March 2022 TikTok. "One of which, I kiss a lot of guys on Charmed. So many guys, that are not their dad. So many guys. So, no.”

She also added that she specifically didn’t let Bella watch the show out of fear she’d want to dress the same way she did — and that she would be her harshest critic.

"I let Bella watch the trailer of Brazen 'cause obviously I wouldn't let her watch the movie," Alyssa said. "She said, 'Mom I could tell you were faking that kiss.' I think she was calling me a bad actress."

She went on, "The other reason is she is seven, and all she wants to wear are belly tops. That's without seeing Charmed ... And I'm constantly like, 'No, you don't wanna wear a belly top.' So could you imagine after she's seen Charmed when she's like, 'Mommy you wore belly tops.' "

Though she may not be in on her mom’s acting work, she does support Alyssa at events like the Hollywood Post 43’s 2023 Commander's Ball in August 2023. The mother-daughter duo also have sweet moments together, from watching the Barbie movie to attending Taylor Swift’s Eras tour in August 2023.

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