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Alyssa Milano says Nioxin 'helped tremendously' with hair loss — and it's currently on rare sale

Whether you're suffering from post-Covid hair loss (like Alyssa Milano) or you've been dealing with bald spots for years, shedding is an uphill — and often discouraging — battle. You're certainly not alone, though. Hair loss affects millions of men and women alike, but you don't need to spend a fortune on doctor's-office treatments to put up a good fight. There are plenty of at-home regimens you can try first, and, according to Milano, one brand is so effective that you may never need professional help: The popular Nioxin anti-thinning system is marked down to just $36 (from $45) at Amazon.

Wishing for a fuller mane? This Alyssa Milano–approved Nioxin kit contains everything you need to get started on your own hair-thickening journey.

$38 at Amazon
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$24 at Walmart$30 at Groupon

This is one of the lowest prices we've seen for the Nioxin kit — and the fact that you're getting three products (a three-month supply) for just $36 is pretty astounding. Just one pro-level hair product can cost more than that. We haven't seen the set priced this low since Black Friday last year!

Designed to give volume to hair and protect against breakage, the Nioxin hair-care system promotes thicker and fuller hair growth. This particular three-piece set, called "System 1," is specifically formulated to help amplify hair texture and defend your locks against breakage, the latter of which can help reduce hair loss from damage while assisting in strengthening hair for the future. The other sets, dubbed Systems 2-6, are made to address additional concerns, like hair with progressed thinning and colored hair with light thinning.

After publicly sharing her hair-loss story via video on Twitter, Milano finally found the help she needed within a few bottles. She praises Nioxin products (and Nutrafol supplements, not currently on sale) for helping "tremendously" with hair loss. And she's not alone: These products have found fans in Amazon shoppers, too, who praise how effective the treatments are at helping curb lost locks and revitalizing their manes to their original health.

Alyssa Milano
Nioxin and Nutrafol are Alyssa Milano's secrets to fighting hair loss. (Getty)

Over 18,000 Amazon shoppers have given Nioxin hair treatment sets a five-star review, with more than 2,000 of those fans giving a perfect rating to the System 1 set in particular.

Said one user, "This kit is awesome because it has everything in one kit. The products are great, didn't irritate my skin or anything which was a major plus. You can see the results after consistent use."

"I would have clumps of hair come out in the shower every time I washed my hair, it was very heartbreaking as I have hip-length hair and I was slowly losing it," shared one superfan. "I gave [Nioxin] a try with little hope that it would help, since nothing else has. Well after just two weeks of using the system my hair completely stopped coming out. Seriously. I am beyond thrilled that I finally found something that works for me after all these years, I no longer dread washing my hair! I’d recommend this to anyone who is struggling with hair fall, this stuff saved my hair!"

Another shopper agreed this set has revitalized their previously-limp locks. "I have always had thin hair which makes it harder to style and falls out a lot," the reviewer confessed. "After about a month of using this kit I have noticed a large improvement in the strength and fullness of my hair, its more full now. I haven’t used any other shampoo since starting this kit and most likely will never go back!"

This reviewer noted that "it can be a bit confusing as to how to combine these products with other products... Their website could be a little more helpful in the directions," but added that "Nioxin is on top of the clean hair game. I love using the products and get very little dandruff now in my extremely dry climate. I love the system."

Another user cautioned anyone who might approach the System as a "miracle" product: "Don't expect miracle results; it doesn't regrow hair and won't turn thin hair into full thick hair," they advised. "It just betters your scalp's condition, therefore helping hair to grow better, and it requires continued use."

Grab the full System 1 set — suitable for all hair types — on rare sale now.

$38 at Amazon
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$24 at Walmart$30 at Groupon

If you are looking for similar benefits but have color-treated hair, we suggest taking a look at the Nioxin System Kit 4 + Thickening Spray set, which is specifically made for dyed locks:

This set includes shampoo, conditioner and a scalp treatment, plus a thickening spray — all specially formulated to fight thinning.

$62 at Amazon

"Great for thinning hair," gushed a satisfied shopper. "I love this brand, and for thin hair, it’s wonderful; smells amazing and helps [with] my hair growth and thickness. If you have never used Nioxin, you should!"

"Finally, a product that really works!" exclaimed another impressed user. "Just one use of this product made a big difference with my hair. I battle excessive dry hair and have tried so many products, including salon products, and never got the results I wanted or needed. This will be my forever hair-care product!"

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