Allow all to record Covid-19 vaccine shot, says MP after empty syringe claims

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Allow all to record Covid-19 vaccine shot, says MP after empty syringe claims
Allow all to record Covid-19 vaccine shot, says MP after empty syringe claims
  • UPDATED 3.25PM | Included GP’s call for a thorough probe into whether blank shots are linked to illegal vaccine sales.

Lembah Pantai MP Fahmi Fadzil wants all Covid-19 vaccine recipientsto be allowed to record their jab on video.

This came after a number of complaints relating to purported blank shots and underdosing.

"Everyone should be allowed to take photographs or a videowhen they get their vaccine.

"The vaccines purchased are also the taxpayers' money," hesaid on Twitter today.

Some Covid-19 vaccination centres have stopped recipients from recordingtheir vaccination shots.

This was after controversy in May over videos showingsome Covid-19 vaccine recipients receiving lower than the stipulated dose.

Following the incident, the government made it a rule for allpersonnel administering the vaccine to show the syringe before and after the injection.

It did not announce any official rule barring video recordingsalthough some vaccination centres have done so.

The policy came under the spotlight again this month after complaints thatblank shots were administered.

Only one complaint was caught on video at a drive-through vaccination centrewhere a healthcare worker was seen injecting a syringe without plunging itscontents.

The government said action had been taken against thepersonnel.

There was no documentary evidence of other complaints with the complainantsciting that they were not allowed to shoot a video.

Health Minister Dr Adham Baba had said those who received "blank"shots will be given a new one.

GP wants thorough investigation

Meanwhile, Johor DAP politician and general practitioner Dr Boo Cheng Hau called for thorough investigations into these blank shot allegations.

He questioned whether there was a link between blank shots and illegal vaccine sales.

“The vast majority of medical health personnel have upheld our medical ethics and Hippocratic Oath (but) inevitably there are black sheep in any profession who should be accountable to their own actions individually.

“Therefore I urge the respective authorities including the Health Ministry and the police to investigate the (reasons) for giving empty Covid-19 vaccine shots in relation to the rumours of black market vaccines, to ameliorate public anxiety and protect the public well being,” he said in a statement.

Police said today that it was investigating three illegal vaccine sale claims after receiving 42 reports about such activities.

The government has come under criticism over its lack of transparencyin dealing with issues relating to the Covid-19 vaccination programme.

This included declaring that complaints on a face shield racket at a vaccination centre were"settled" without providing details.

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