Canadian amputee Allison Lang says she's 'so grateful' for her body

Montreal-based content creator and amputee Allison Lang is embracing her body rather than resenting it.

Montreal-based amputee and influencer Allison Lang shares body-positive message about self-acceptance via Instagram/ @allisonelang
Montreal-based amputee and influencer Allison Lang is opening up about self-acceptance. (Photo via Instagram/ @allisonelang)

Allison Lang is embracing her body.

The Canadian amputee shared an empowering Instagram Reel on Tuesday, in which she discussed learning to embrace her body instead of resenting it.

The clip showcased Lang in a radiant royal blue bikini and using an outdoor shower while vacationing in Mexico. She paired the video with powerful on-screen text that reads: "I'm so grateful for this body that allows me to experience life."

She doubled-down in the caption, writing, "I've spent too many years resenting my body. It's time I appreciate all that it allows me to do."

Lang's post garnered support in the comments, with fans applauding her for sharing the important reminder to celebrate the capabilities of our bodies.

"So inspiring," an Instagram user shared.

Another wrote, "Thank you so much for this. I needed it today."

"Self-acceptance is key! You're so beautiful for sharing this. Truly amazing human!" a fan penned.

"Gorgeous human," someone echoed.

In May, Lang shared another Instagram Reel fearlessly displaying her prosthetic leg alongside the vi before revealing she was called "awful names like 'Pegleg and Barbie."nfidence.

"I was the only one at my school with a visible disability, so I felt alone and ashamed," she shared before revealing she was called "awful names like 'Pegleg' and 'Barbie.'"

"I never wore shorts even in the hot summer months. When my classmates asked why I was limping, I would make up countless excuses," the Montreal-based content creator wrote.

She began to "wear dresses and capri pants" in university.

"I was in small classes, so it was less intimidating. However, I still obsessed over how real my leg looked," she said, adding that she now lives "for myself rather than others."

"I like my prosthetic," she concluded.

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