Alligator Has Myrtle Beach Waves to Itself as Stunned Tourists Stand Back

An alligator cooled down in the waves at Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, footage shared to Facebook on June 11 shows.

The alligator was filmed by Kentucky native Kim Wallace, who was on vacation in Myrtle Beach. She told local media the gator was sighted in the waters close to Compass Cove Resort on South Ocean Boulevard.

Wallace and others stood back as the alligator let the waves wash over itself.

Russell Cavendar, known locally as the Snake Chaser, runs a Myrtle Beach-based reptile removal service, and he told WPDE ABC 15, that a number of the reptiles had been seen around the area recently, as dry weather prompts them to find water.

WPDE reported that Cavendar said that alligators in the area have “less places to go” because of developments that “destroy” the swamps and wetlands which make up the reptiles’ natural habitat. Credit: Kim Wallace via Storyful