Alleged Texas shooter’s partner brought him doughnuts and plotted escape to Mexico while he was on the run

While the suspected Cleveland, Texas, shooter Francisco Oropesa was hiding from authorities, his partner Divimara Lamar Nava was bringing him doughnuts and plotting their escape, all while seeming to cooperate with police, according to authorities.

Ms Nava, 52, was arrested on Wednesday (3 May) and charged with “hindering the apprehension of a known felon,” according to a statement posted to the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page.

During Ms Nava’s arraignment, which was posted to YouTube, authorities say Ms Nava helped Mr Oropesa hide from law enforcement in a house in Cut and Shoot, Texas, a town approximately 20 miles away from Cleveland.

While Mr Oropesa was hiding, Ms Nava allegedly brought him doughnuts and admitted to authorities that she served as a messenger between Mr Oropesa and his cousins to try and get him to escape to Mexico.

Ms Nava’s bond was set at $250,000.

Although Ms Nava is referred to as Mr Oropesa’s “wife” her jail records list her as unmarried. Ms Nava is one of “several” people arrested in connection to Mr Oropesa.

A friend of Mr Oropesa’s named Domingo Castilla was also arrested on a marijuana charge, though authorities said they expected to charge him with obstructing Mr Oropesa’s arrest as well, according to The Associated Press.

Although Ms Nava is referred to as Mr Oropesa’s “wife” her jail records list her as unmarried.

Mr Oropesa was arrested on allegations of shooting innocent five people last Friday after his neighbours asked him to stop shooting his gun in his yard as it was keeping their baby awake. He managed to escape from the scene before the police could arrive.

For four days, local, state and federal law enforcement engaged in a massive manhunt in Cleveland and surrounding areas hoping to find Mr Oropesa.

At one point, law enforcement thought Mr Oropesa could have escaped to Mexico, his native country.

But on Tuesday, Mr Oropesa was found hiding under a pile of laundry in a closet at a home in Cut and Shoot thanks to an anonymous tip submitted to the FBI.