Murder victim's family, friend to hunger strike if fail to meet DPP

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Murder victim's family, friend to hunger strike if fail to meet DPP
Murder victim's family, friend to hunger strike if fail to meet DPP

The family and friend of murder victim T Nhaveen sought to meet with the prosecutor of the case by June 22, failing which they will start a hunger strike.

This was announced by social activist Arun Dorasamy at an online press conference today.

"Nhaveen's mother Shanti Dorairaj, his friend Previin, and I will go for a hunger strike until the prosecutor is willing to meet us," said Arun, who is the Nhaveen Action & Investigation League (Nail) chairperson.

Meanwhile, he emphasised this move is neither to interfere with the court case nor to intimidate the deputy public prosecutor (DPP).

"This is our very humble message to the DPP. We need to meet with him before June 22, which is one week before the next trial date."

"The meeting does not necessarily have to be face-to-face, it can be virtual."

"But we need to establish direct communication with the DPP and the Penang Attorney-General's office because we have concerns, materials, and some queries that we like to put forward to the DPP," Arun said.

He added that the deceased 's friend and family members hope to work together with the prosecution. However, they have no other choice after their meeting request did not receive a favourable response.

Arun said a letter was written to the Penang AG Office and DPP Mohd Amril Johari at the end of May, but no meeting has been arranged since then.

Another letter was then sent to the Attorney-General's Chambers (AGC) last week, he added, and the response was that the AGC is waiting for information from its Penang office before taking any further action.

Death anniversary as anti-bully day

Next Tuesday (June 15) will mark the fourth death anniversary of Nhaveen.

Arun said Nail will launch a nationwide campaign to raise more awareness on bullying issues, including declaring June 15 as Anti-Bully Day.

Social activist Arun Dorasamy
Social activist Arun Dorasamy

"We can't wait for another victim like Nhaveen or (university student) Zulfarhan. We at Nail, with other civil societies, are also setting up a task force to propose a robust and comprehensive anti-bully act."

Nhaveen was reportedly harassed and attacked by some teenagers, including a former schoolmate, on his way home with his friend T Previin on the night of June 9, 2017.

Nhaveen was abducted, while Previin escaped and went to Nhaveen's home for help. Nhaveen was found with serious injuries the next morning. After being sent to the hospital for emergency treatment, he passed away on June 15, 2017.

Four were charged with murdering, two of which were minors at the time of the crime. The Penang High Court started the trial on May 5 this year, and the trial was scheduled to continue on June 29, 30, and August 5 and 6.

Last month, Previin, Nhaveen's mother Shanti, and Shanti's brother Karunagaran lodged four police reports, pointing out that more than four people were involved in the crime.

Among others, Previin’s report claimed that about 20 people were believed to be involved in the case. Previin also reportedly received death threats and has left Penang for safety reasons.

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