Allbirds branches out into sustainable underwear

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Allbirds branches out into sustainable underwear

Allbirds has launched its first ever collection of sustainable underwear

Hot on the heels of its shoes and accessories lines, Allbirds is branching out into new territory with a first ever collection of men's and women's underwear made from natural and environmentally friendly materials. The first pieces can now be obtained from the brand's online store.

At a time when many brands are progressively embracing the trend for responsible fashion that is less harmful to the planet, others have made their use of alternative materials and the bid to limit their impact on the environment a main selling point right from the outset. A case in point is the shoes and accessories maker Allbirds, which has been selling low-carbon footprint products since 2016.

This year the San Francisco-based label has branched out into new territory with its first ever collection of underwear made from sustainable natural materials. Chief among these is the brand's proprietary Trino yarn, a breathable and moisture-wicking mix of eucalyptus fibers, ZQ-certified merino wool and elastane. This is also combined with waistband elastic made of bio-nylon and rPET, a fabric obtained by recycling plastic bottles.

Like the brand's different ranges of shoes, the new Allbirds underwear is characterized by minimalist design and a focus on optimal comfort. The color palette for the collection is also typically low-key, with pieces in shades of white, black, gray, blue and coral. Last but not least, all of the pieces in this first collection have been certified by Oeko-Tex 100, which guarantees that no toxic substances have been used in their manufacture.

The new collection includes boxer shorts for men, and thongs, briefs, shorties and bralettes for women.