Alison Brie Goes Streaking and Might Break Up a Wedding in First ‘Somebody I Used to Know’ Trailer (Video)

What do you do when you run into an ex from a decade ago? Well, if you’re Alison Brie in “Somebody I Used to Know,” you attempt hiding in your restaurant booth. If and when that fails, you mostly just have to hope that, if you hit it off again, they aren’t engaged to be married.

Unfortunately, in the case of Ally (Brie), that ex is definitely engaged even though they definitely hit it off again. In the first trailer for the upcoming Prime Video film, Ally returns to her hometown, where she almost immediately runs into Sean (Jay Ellis). Their lingering chemistry becomes apparent very quickly, and Sean admits that “I still think about what would’ve happened if you hadn’t left all those years ago.”

But, like we said, Sean is engaged. And, by all appearances, his fianceé is very cool. So much so in fact, that she and Ally hit it off themselves and end up going streaking on a golf course (as one does with one’s ex’s fianceé). Of course, that fianceé isn’t dumb, and seems to see what’s up with Ally and Sean.

The film is directed and co-written by Dave Franco, who wrote it alongside Brie, his real-life wife. This movie marks their fourth on-screen collaboration.

You can watch the full trailer for “Somebody I Used to Know” in the video above.

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The official synopsis reads: “Workaholic TV producer Ally (Alison Brie) faces a major professional setback which sends her running to the comforts of her hometown. She spends a whirlwind evening reminiscing with her first love Sean (Jay Ellis) and starts to question everything about the person she’s become. Things only get more confusing when she discovers Sean is getting married to Cassidy (Kiersey Clemons) whose confidence and creative convictions remind Ally of who she used to be. Directed by Dave Franco and written by Franco & Alison Brie, ‘Somebody I Used to Know’ is an unconventional love story about three people who unexpectedly help each other re-discover who they really are, where they came from, and where they’re going.”

Alongside Brie and Ellis is a cast including Kiersey Clemons (“Dope,” “Sweetheart”), Haley Joel Osment (“The Sixth Sense,” “Pay It Forward”), and Julie Hagerty (“Freddy Got Fingered,” “Airplane!”). Danny Pudi also stars as Ally’s friend, marking a “Community” reunion for him and Brie, before the actual “Community” movie comes out.

“Somebody I Used to Know” hits Prime Video on February 10. Check out the poster below.


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