Aliff Aziz more at peace after joining Islamic movement

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6 Sep – After being involved in one scandal over another, singer Aliff Aziz is now happy to be able to revamp himself and be a better person through his new interest in religion.

The 30 year-old singer, who spoke in a chat session through the Nurflix platform recently, stated that being a part of the Tabligh Jamaah missionary movement was a good decision for him to make, as he was not judged for his past mistakes.

"In the 30 years of my life, I have done a lot of things. But God Almighty is the Most Knowledgeable, and I don't know what I did to deserve this but He showed me the way. Nobody [in the Tabligh movement] judged me because to them, everybody's the same, no matter the lineage, the status and the position. Everybody is just a human being learning to be closer to Him," he said.

Aliff with wife Bella and their children
Aliff with wife Bella and their children

Asked how he started getting involved, Aliff - who had been on the news for various issues from alleged domestic violence, drug problem, and extramarital affair, stated that he became interested after hearing about it from another celebrity member, Faizal Ismail.

"Someone from the Jamaat called me and asked me to go with them for three days. I could feel all kinds of feelings that I could never described afterwards," he said.

As for the many criticisms on social media about his sudden change, the singer said that there will always be people who will never like him.

"Nobody's perfect. It's impossible to be one. So I just look at the silver lining. Somebody must have prayed for me. What's more important is that God knows," he said.

Aliff learns about Tabligh from radio personality Faizal Ismail aka FBI
Aliff learns about Tabligh from radio personality Faizal Ismail aka FBI

(Photo Source: Aliff Aziz Instagram, Faizal Ismail Instagram)

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