Alexis Ohanian Says Baby Adira Brings Out 'Maternal Spirit' in Big Sister Olympia: 'My Baby!' (Exclusive)

Alexis Ohanian and Serena Williams are enjoying watching their little girls bond

<p>Courtesy of Alexis Ohanian</p> Alexis Ohanian and daughters Adira and Olympia (left), Olympia holding little sister Adira

Courtesy of Alexis Ohanian

Alexis Ohanian and daughters Adira and Olympia (left), Olympia holding little sister Adira
  • Alexis Ohanian, 41, is starting a podcast, Business Dad, dedicated to how successful dads across industries manage their work-life balance

  • Alexis shares daughters Adira, 9 months, and Olympia, 6½, with wife Serena Williams

  • The father of two is celebrating achieving "confidence" in parenting as he raises his daughters, who are already forming a special bond

Alexis Ohanian is taking a closer look at what it means to be successful as both a father and an entrepreneur.

The tech executive and father of two, 41, is asking dads the hard questions on his new podcast, Business Dad.

Speaking with PEOPLE about the podcast's launch, Ohanian — father to Adira, 9 months, and Olympia, 6½, whom he shares with wife Serena Williams — opens up about reveling in life as a father of two since welcoming daughter Adira last summer.

"Shout out to the mother of my children. My wife, Serena, is Super Mom," he says of their experience as a family of four.

The father of two is excited to see his younger daughter start to get her footing, noting it's "fun because she's getting more mobile."

"She's able to have a lot more fun with her sister in terms of playing. You can already see the interactions between them. It's a big age gap, and Olympia has a little bit of that maternal spirit. She's like, 'This is my baby,' and it's great to see them together," Ohanian shares.

"They play and sort wrestle and all that. We're very lucky because Adira's got a great personality and Olympia does too, plus she's so excited to be a big sis. So seeing the two of them interact with each other has been a special kind of fun. Adira's getting more mobile and ore vocal, and it's only going to get even more fun."

He jokes, "I guess at some point they're going to fight over things, but for now, let me live in bliss."

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<p>Courtesy of Alexis Ohanian</p> Alexis Ohanian handing newborn daughter Adira to big sister Olympia

Courtesy of Alexis Ohanian

Alexis Ohanian handing newborn daughter Adira to big sister Olympia

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Ohanian notes the experience with baby No. 2 has been very different than the period of figuring it all out that came with being new parents when Olympia was born.

"The best part of all of this was that Adira's childbirth went smoothly, so that was great. We were really able to soak up those early weeks, like every family deserves to," the proud dad shares.

"What's been interesting is I don't have as much of the anxiety. I feel like I was a good rock for my wife during some of the more stressful early years of parenting, especially as a first-time parent. You just don't want to mess it up, right? So then every temperature check, you're wondering, 'Is this a fever fever or like an okay fever? Do we have to call the doctor? And I've noticed now, the second time around, even that more latent anxiety is gone because I have this confidence. I feel like, 'Hey, we did this. We got this. Olympia is great and Adira will be fun.'"

"We feel much more confident about it than the first time around, so it makes it a different kind of stressful. It's great. I'll take the extra stress I'm having to keep eyes on an extra kid — because that's the additional stress part. The stress reduction from not having to be ready for every little bump in the road is so much better. It's great, little Adira has been doing great."

<p>776, Realm;Courtesy of Alexis Ohanian</p> Business Dad podcast hosted by Alexis Ohanian

776, Realm;Courtesy of Alexis Ohanian

Business Dad podcast hosted by Alexis Ohanian

Presented by Realm, Ohanian's new podcast features the entrepreneur asking some of the most influential men in business, sports, entertainment, and other bustling industries the question, “How do you balance being a dad with a successful career?”

The father of two says he appreciates how the conversation around men as active, participating fathers is shifting and that talking about family life "makes us better at our careers."

"Ask any working mom and they've had to learn to deal with this balance and thrive within it for a very long time," he says, nodding to previous dated notions about parenting being done primarily by moms."

"I really feel like there's an opportunity here to normalize a different kind of masculinity, frankly. It's seven years now since I've become a dad and I truly didn't think the timing could be better. The bar was so incredibly low for men, especially notable men. Even if you claimed your child, that was considered like you were doing something. In reality, I think we should be talking about the guys who are stepping up and doing the work for their legacy," he notes.

<p>Courtesy of Alexis Ohanian</p> Alexis Ohanian watches TV with daughters Olympia and Adira

Courtesy of Alexis Ohanian

Alexis Ohanian watches TV with daughters Olympia and Adira

The dad is doing his part by spending plenty of quality time with his daughters while also working on the podcast and other business ventures.

The family of four is looking forward to some travel this summer, with a stopover in Paris for the Olympics on their calendar.

"We got we got a place in Paris. We love being there in general. And talk about human excellence! It's gonna be a lot of fun to be there in Paris for the Olympics."

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