Alex Jones moved millions from media company to avoid Sandy Hook damages, report says

Alex Jones moved millions of dollars from his media company to firms controlled by him or his family members, possibly removing the funds from the purview of damages ordered by the courts, records reveal according to The Washington Post.

The InfoWars founder and far-right conspiracy theorist had been sued by parents of children murdered in the 2012 school shooting at Sandy Hook elementary school in Connecticut.

Mr Jones made repeated claims that the shooting was a hoax and some of his viewers harassed and sent threats to families who had lost children.

In the summer of 2020, two of the lawsuits against him and his company weren’t going in his favour.

That’s when he started moving millions out of his company Free Speech Systems as the likelihood that he’d be liable for damages increased, The Post reported.

From August 2020 until November of the following year, Free Speech Systems issued promissory notes to the tune of $55m to pay for what it claimed were previous debts to PQPR Holdings, a company that Mr Jones owns alongside his parents.

The company, which is operated by Mr Jones’s father, a dentist, had bought tens of millions worth of supplements that was then sold on the show broadcast by Mr Jones.

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