Alex Jones learns on the witness stand that his lawyers inadvertently gave text messages to plaintiff attorneys

While he was on the witness stand during his defamation trial on Wednesday, InfoWars host Alex Jones learned that his own legal team inadvertently sent his text messages from his phone to the plaintiffs’ attorneys.

Video transcript

- So you did get my text messages? You said you didn't. Nice trick.

- Yes, Mr Johnson. Indeed. You didn't give this text message to me. You don't know where this came from. Do you know where I got this?

- No.

- Mr. Jones, did you know that 12 days ago, 12 days ago, your attorneys messed up and sent me an entire digital copy of your entire cell phone with every text message you've sent for the past two years. And when informed, did not take any steps to identify it as privileged or protected in any way. And as of two days ago, it fell free and clear into my possession, and that is how I know you lied to me when you said you didn't have text messages about Sandy Hook. Did you know that?

- See. I told you the truth. This is your Perry Mason moment. I gave them my phone. And then--

- Mr. Jones, you need to answer the question.

- Did you know this happened?

- No, I didn't know this happened. But I mean, I told you I gave him a phone over.

- You said-- you said, in your deposition, you searched her phone. You said, you pulled down the text, did the search function for Sandy Hook. That's what you said, Mr. Jones, correct?

- And I had several different phones with this number. But I did. Yeah. I mean, that's why you got it.

- No, Mr. Jones. That's not why I got it.

- My lawyer sent it to you, but I'm hiding it? OK.

- Mr. Jones, please just answer questions. There's no question. Mr. Bankston, also, only ask questions.

- Mr. Jones, in discovery, you were asked, do you have Sandy Hook text messages on your phone, and you said, no. Correct? You said that under oath.

- If I was mistaken, I was mistaken. But you got the messages right there.

- You know what perjury is, right? I just want to make sure before we go any further. You know what it is?

- Yes, I do. I mean, I'm not a tech guy. I told you I gave, in my testimony, the phone to the lawyers before or whatever. And so you've got my phone, but we didn't give it to you.