Alex Jones Leads Chant as Protesters Gather Outside Maricopa Election Center for Third Day

Trump supporters gathered outside the Maricopa County Elections Department building in Phoenix on November 6, continuing days of rallies as workers counted ballots at the site.

Maricopa County officials tweeted that a record 2 million ballots had been cast, saying the Elections Department was “on track to complete reporting faster than ever before.”

Joe Biden won 50.4 percent of the vote in Maricopa County, but his lead over President Donald Trump was narrower across Arizona, at 49.6 percent to the incumbent’s 48.7 percent, local media reported.

This footage was shared by Instagram user @sharkoconnoraz and shows Alex Jones leading a chant outside the election center. The footage also shows a man engaging in a debate with some Trump supporters about election fraud. Credit: @sharkoconnoraz via Storyful

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