Alex Jones Leads Anti-Biden 'Burn in Hell' Chant Outside Georgia Governor's Mansion

Far-right conspiracy theorist Alex Jones led anti-Joe Biden chants during a so-called “Stop the Steal” protest outside the Georgia Governor’s Mansion on Thursday, November 19.

This footage, shot by video journalist Brendan Gutenschwager and compiled by Storyful, shows Jones calling for Biden’s arrest after accusing the President-elect of planning to “lock the United States down forever under communist reprogramming.”

Later, flanked by far-right figures Ali Alexander and Nick Fuentes, Jones shouts: “Joe Biden, burn in hell!”

The protest took place shortly before the Georgia Secretary of State’s Office confirmed a six-day hand recount had been completed, reaffirming Biden as the state’s victor.

Earlier on Thursday, supporters of US President Donald Trump gathered at the Georgia State Capitol in Atlanta for a second day claiming there was “widespread fraud” in the presidential election.

No evidence of widespread voter fraud has been found by authorities and the Department of Homeland Security has said the 2020 presidential election was the most secure in the nation’s history. Credit: Brendan Gutenschwager via Storyful