Alex Jones’ Ex-Wife Says His Onscreen Mania Is Not an Act: He’s Crazy Like Charles Manson (Video)

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Alex Jones’ ex-wife Kelly said that the over-the-top, frequently flipped-out persona you’ve seen onscreen in Alex Jones is not an act, that he’s even worse in real life and “kind of crazy like Charlie Charles Manson.”

“In person, as a human being, he is more unhinged and weirder and terrifying and threatening and looming and raging, I would say, than on screen,” Kelly Jones told “The Young Turks” host Cenk Uygur in an interview Friday.

Uygur got straight to the point in his conversation with Jones, who sought custody of her children with the InfoWars host after their 2015 divorce because of his behavior and saying he’s “not a stable person.”

“So, Kelly, I think a lot of people wonder, is it an act with Alex Jones or is he really that unhinged?” Uygur asked. “Is he crazy or is he fake?”

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And she wasn’t shy about answering. “That’s a central con to my divorce that’s been reiterated through media,” she said. “His attorneys argued that he was a performance actor like Batman. And they did that to keep all the footage of ‘InfoWars’ coming before the jury saying that, ‘Oh, he’s not like that at all.’”

She continued. “In person, as a human being, he is more unhinged and weirder and terrifying and threatening and looming and raging, I would say, than on screen. And he’s, he’s, he’s modified on screen,” she said. “And you can see this… when he says, ‘Oh, I have to go off the air right now,’ because he’s going back into like the real person, right? The real rage is coming out.”

Jones called her ex’s behavior “extreme” – and worse.

“I look at him as somebody that’s a kind of crazy like Charlie Charles Manson or like somebody that really needs to be institutionalized because he does,” she said. “He is a mentally ill, dangerous kind of mentally ill person. And his behaviors are abhorrent.”

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Catch the interview in the video at the top.