Alex Jones claims the DoJ wants to take his cat Mushu in latest spurious attack on Sandy Hook hoax punishment

Alex Jones and Mushu (Erika Wulff Jones/Twitter)
Alex Jones and Mushu (Erika Wulff Jones/Twitter)

Notorious conspiracy theorist Alex Jones has accused the Department of Justice of trying to take away his beloved cat.

Mr Jones is currently taking part in bankruptcy hearings after he was ordered to pay $1.5bn in damages to relatives of the victims of the Sandy Hook elementary school shooting after he insisted the December 2012 massacre, in which 26 people were murdered, was all a “hoax”.

A Texas court recently revealed that the InfoWars host continues to spend almost $100,000 a month and has $10m in assets, despite filing for bankruptcy in December.

Mr Jones himself has been banned from Twitter since September 2018 but that did not stop him from appearing in a video shot by his wife, Erika Wulff Jones, and posted to her account in which he complained that DoJ investigators had interrogated him about his cherished family pet named Mushu.

Cradling the feline in his arms as he spoke, Mr Jones explained that the cat had been named by his daughter and was a treasured family member he would not give up.

“OK, so this is not a joke, this is real and it really happened,” he said, going on to relate how investigators had spent five minutes of a recent three hour meeting asking about the animal.

“They wanted to know if assets were hidden in the cat,” Mr Jones joked.

He admitted that the kitty - undeniably cute - had cost him $2,000 but insisted “we really do love it” and that the DoJ agents had been “very serious about the cat and its value and they may want the cat for Sandy Hook families”.

Mr Jones insisted the questioning had amounted to “harassment” and announced defiantly: “The deal’s broke, you aren’t getting the cat. This is next level.”

He continued: “What? You want my children next? You want to sacrifice my children or something?”

Mr Jones claimed the line of questioning had been intended “to stir me up”.

“It makes me really upset for this country,” he closed.

“Now they want my cat. The line in the sand is, you cannot have my cat.”