Alex Jones Calls for Prankster’s Arrest After Getting Duped by Fake Call From ‘Tucker Carlson’

Alex Jones is calling for the arrest of a Canadian prankster who fooled him into thinking he was Tucker Carlson by using an artificial intelligence-generated voice.

Jones, who called the incident “one of the most bizarre moments in my life,” said on his Thursday program on his Infowars site that he believes the prank call was illegal.

“Tucker Carlsons lawyers are involved, and what you did, we believe is a crime, so even though you think you are safe up in Canada, you are going to get arrested for what you did yesterday,” Jones said on his Thursday show. “So keep laughing, you little arrogant person.”

“You messed with the wrong people, son!” Jones said. “You messed with the wrong people, punk!”

The saga began Wednesday when Chris James, a serial prankster who posts under the name
“Prank Stallone,” and has an online program, “Not Even a Show,” called the InfoWars host using an AI-generated voice to sound like the deposed Fox News star.

“Okay so let’s say someone has Tucker Carlson’s cell number, and also Alex Jones’ cell phone number, and also an AI Tucker Carlson voice,” James posted on Twitter. “They could IN THEORY call Alex Jones and pretend to be Tucker, and have a full conversation with him. Anyways I just did that.”

“I was honestly caught off guard by how much he bought that it was Tucker,” he continued. “I ran out of clips.” He promised to post the conversation on Monday.

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Jones offered a different version of how the call went down.

He claimed that he was in an “accounting meeting” when the call came in and the number appeared to be Carlson, who he talks to occasionally. He said he stepped into a hallway to take it, and claimed that the caller “started saying these horrible, lewd sexual things to me,” which made him realize it was an AI-impersonation, and he hung up.

Jones said he then called Carlson to tell him that someone was making calls using his voice.

He later learned that James was posting about the escapade on Twitter, where he has 30,500 followers.

Jones called for James to “explain that he’s not part of a government group and agency” and said he believed that spoofing a phone number is a crime.

“He says he’s pointing out the dangers of AI here, fine and dandy, but it’s serious. You need to understand what you did is not good.”

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Later, Jones said he is going to file a criminal complaint against James. “I call for him to be arrested now! You have sowed the wind, you shall reap the whirlwind,” he said, quoting the Bible.

James was surprised at the response, posting that the prank “blew up so much more than I expected and now I’m stressed that people will be let down, and that they are expecting something in their head that the call won’t live up to. Oh well, what can you do?”

He said after he learned that Jones had discussed the prank on his show, he called the host again, as himself, “and he told me that Tucker is getting his lawyers involved, and pleaded with me to come on his show live so I could explain myself. I politely declined, and then he called me some names.”

James also apologized to fans who wanted to see him confront Jones, posting, “my intuition screamed at me that it was a bad idea.”