Alex Fong denies pursuing ex-girlfriend Stephy Tang

30 Jun – Alex Fong has recently dismissed rumours that he has been pursuing ex-girlfriend Stephy Tang, whose relationship with Taiwanese singer Prince Chiu is supposedly fading.

As reported on Mingpao, the actor who was seen at a basketball game recently, shared that he is unsure how the rumour started since there was nothing indicative of him doing so.

"I'm sure that the rumour existed because Stephy has a new movie out," he said, referring to the actress' new film, "My Prince Edward".

When mentioned that he seemed to be aware of Stephy's new projects, Alex said that he has already seen the movie - being one of the voters for the Hong Kong Film Awards.

The actor added that he has very little contact with the actress, and that he knows nothing about her relationship.

On the other hand, Alex revealed that his swimming academy will be reopened in July, and that he just recently wrapped up filming for the mega movie project, "There's Always Love in Quarantine".

(Photo Source: Alex Fong Instagram)