Aldi Is Selling A Ton Of Everything Bagel Seasonings Including A Jalapeño Flavor

Kelly Allen
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Photo credit: @aldi.mademedoit/Instagram
Photo credit: @aldi.mademedoit/Instagram

From House Beautiful

Everything bagel seasoning will always be a top-tier flavor-enhancer. You’d think it couldn’t get any better than that, but it apparently can thanks to three versions of everything bagel seasonings being sold at Aldi right now. Yes, that’s three everything seasonings with a twist, and you’ll want to taste test them all immediately.

Aldi’s official Instagram account shared that the seasonings literally hit stores today, and Instagrammer @aldi.mademedoit confirmed an in-store sighting of the new offerings. The seasonings are by the brand Stonemill and come in jalapeño, asiago cheese, and Himalayan pink salt flavors. The glass bottles are 2.4 ounces. There are five calories per serving, if you care about that. Each bottle costs $1.95, according to Aldi’s Instagram account.

As with the classic everything bagel seasoning, these variations at Aldi would be delightful on avocado toast, eggs, veggies, and homemade bagels. People who commented on Aldi’s post revealing the products wrote that they’re going to put them on pizza, roasted pecans, and use them “to spice up a keto diet.” Use it on whatever your heart stomach desires!

Truly, whoever thought to bottle up everything bagel seasoning is brilliant. These Stonemill variations only make the concept more phenomenal. BRB while I sprint to Aldi to stock up on a few along with the festive holiday cheeses and Christmas gnocchi the retailer has at the moment. It's a wonderful time to be an Aldi shopper, folks!

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