Aldi Is Selling Baking Brie Cheese With A Cranberry Glaze So I Found My Christmas Dinner

Kelly Allen
·1-min read

From House Beautiful

Baked brie is always a good idea. If you’re in need of a last-min appetizer or meal, Aldi is selling baking brie in two flavors—cranberry glaze and pecans with honey—so all you have to do is pop it in the oven and dig in.

Instagrammer @ohheyaldi spotted the baking brie by Emporium Selection. Each hunk of classic, creamy brie cheese is around 10 ounces and comes in a reusable ceramic dish. The toppings are described as generous portions on the boxes, so there’s no need to worry about a sad, small amount of cranberry glaze or pecans drizzled with honey. The $7 baking brie is seasonal, so get it while it’s around!

You could easily turn to these bries if you’re in need of a snack or a quick meal. The brie could even be used as the center of a giant charcuterie board. Surround it with bread and crackers plus other cheeses, meats, jams, nuts, fruit slices, and more charcuterie board basics. Dare I even suggest eating it as a late breakfast? Who says baked brie can’t be a holiday morning fuel choice? Maybe it could be a nice filling option for brunch!

Speaking of seasonal eats, though, make sure to embrace everything Aldi has in stock right now. This season, we’ve seen festive holiday cheeses, chocolate Prosecco, Christmas gnocchi, and hot cocoa rolls. Cheers to all of the holiday-inspired goods Aldi never fails to offer!

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