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This clever £34.99 Aldi gadget makes a full English breakfast in minutes

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English breakfast maker
Your morning fry-up has never been so easy with this English breakfast-maker. (Aldi)

Aldi may well stock the best invention ever – a toaster that can also make a full English breakfast.

We have to admit, we love a kitchen gadget, but the gadget, designed by Tefal, may jump straight to the top of the 'items we really don't need, but have got to have' list.

It's a toaster that also serves up your bacon and eggs, what's not to love?

Best of all, it's on sale, reduced from £44.99 to £34.99, so there's money to save too. The Tefal Toast 'N' More is a multi-purpose toaster that will not only toast two slices of bread, but also features a steamer tray and poaching tray, ideal for cooking either boiled or poached eggs, beans and warming pre-cooked meats such as sausage and bacon.

This budget-friendly wonder-gadget can make your toast, eggs and beans all in one. (Aldi)
This budget-friendly wonder-gadget can make your toast, eggs and beans all in one. (Aldi)

£34.99 £44.99 at Aldi

Why we rate it

As if that wasn't enough, the toaster slots are also wide enough to fit croissants, muffins and bagels, so you can switch up your traditional English for something a little more continental, should you wish.

The description of the innovative gadget promises to "shake up your breakfast" and take the "morning meal to a new level."

"Cook everything using one innovative gadget so you can enjoy a delicious cooked breakfast more often," it states.

Ideal for students, kitchen gadget-lovers or those looking to save a bit of time in the morning, the unique toaster promises to cook half a tin of baked beans at the same time as it makes your toast.

It'll also poach or boil eggs in less than four minutes, so you could be tucking into a full English in less time than it takes to boil the kettle. Winning at life!

If you've not yet added to your basket, there's also a toast-lift facility, which makes it easy to remove bread without burning your fingers.

And for those fussy about the brownness scale of their toast, the variable control makes it easy to adjust the setting for your perfect slice.

What the reviews say

It's not just us who love this innovative appliance however, here's what some happy Aldi customers had to say:

  • "Love it. Great in the morning toast and poached egg cooks lovely"

  • "Excellent products, fast and easy to use saves power for a healthy breakfast or lunch"

  • "Light, very neat a real gem for someone on their own. Makes excellent crispy toast, looking forward to using the egg extension as that will be the real benefit"

  • "Lovely product, very practical and easy to use. Boiled eggs come out the best"

  • "Excellent machine, brilliant price, very handy to have"

  • "Purchased this & absolutely love it. Boiled eggs perfect along with poached eggs. Love it"

Name a better addition to your kitchen gadget collection, go on, we'll wait...

Shop now: Tefal Toast 'N' More | £34.99 (Was £44.99) from Aldi

£34.99 £44.99 at Aldi