ALDI Carries What May Easily Be My Favorite Product Ever (For a Limited Time)

Each six-ounce wedge costs $3.59.

<p>Simply Recipes / Getty Images</p>

Simply Recipes / Getty Images

At our house, we think gouda is good-a, and though I love shopping for it at specialty cheese shops, it’s so darn expensive. So, most of my good-a gouda comes from my favorite store, ALDI, and recently, I was delighted to discover new flavored goudas at the store.

This summer, ALDI is carrying Emporium Selection flavored gouda in three flavors: spinach artichoke, hot honey, and sriracha. Each six-ounce wedge costs $3.59.

These creamy cheeses are dreamy and delicious. The flavored varieties start with Emporium Selection’s basic gouda, a young and fresh buttery cheese. The spinach artichoke is studded with bits of green veggies, the hot honey has a sweet heat, and the sriracha has more of a savory burn.

All three are fantastic for snacking. I have enjoyed them as a mid-workday snack, and my husband loves eating them at night with crackers—he calls it his “hot dad summer snack.”

<p>Simply Recipes / ALDI</p>

Simply Recipes / ALDI

While snacking is definitely how gouda cheese should be enjoyed, here are some ideas for how to use these flavored varieties in cooking:

Hot honey-flavored gouda: The hot honey would taste great on a chicken sandwich or added to biscuits for a bit of sweet heat. I think you could even add it to waffle batter when you make chicken and waffles.

Spinach artichoke-flavored gouda: The spinach artichoke lends itself to spinach and artichoke dips of all kinds, but I also think it would be great on veggie pizzas and vegetable quiches. The spinach artichoke version would make a good treat for kids as it is familiar enough in flavor—the other two flavors might be too hot for many kids.

Sriracha-flavored gouda: Sriracha would be delicious in a baked dip if you want cheese and heat or on any sandwich you’d add the hot sauce to.

Mostly, though, in my house, these are snacking cheeses, and even though they come in six-ounce wedges, it’s easy for a single member of my household to eat the whole thing in one sitting. (I’m not naming names.)

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