Albania's PM chastises 'madhouse' UK

STORY: "To single out a community and to talk about gangsters and about criminals, this doesn't sound ... very British, sounds more like screams from a madhouse," Rama said.

Britain has been consumed by a row over migration since interior minister Suella Braverman blamed a "surge in the number of Albanian arrivals" on young, single men who she said were part of organized criminal gangs.

Rama, who was attending a Berlin summit of Western Balkan nations hosted by Chancellor Olaf Scholz, singled out Germany's handling of the million-odd migrants it received in 2015 as a model for Britain to follow.

"Instead of fueling crazy narratives of invaders and gangsters to cover up totally failed policies on borders and on crime, the British representatives need to come to Germany and learn quickly and fix their own problems," he added.