Albania moves to protect Europe's last wild river


STORY: The Vjosa is dubbed the last 'wild' river in Europe

It flows uninterrupted for 170 miles

from Greece across southern Albania to the Adriatic Sea

without any dams or power stations

Now, it's one step closer to getting a protected status

Albanian authorities signed an agreement with the clothing company Patagonia

promising to come up with a plan for a national park

(Communication officer, ECO Albania, Besjana Guri):"The protection of the Vjosa as a national park is really urgent because it should give the indication that the Vjosa valley should be protected as a national park - or hydropower plants will be built. Currently the Vjosa is threatened by hydropower plants and 45 hydropower plants are planned across the whole Vjosa basin. The Bence and the Shushice are two of the main tributaries and are also threatened by hydropower plants."

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