Alabama Store Says Customer Kicked Table Over in Mask Dispute

A customer kicked over a table after being asked to wear a facemask at a video game store in Mobile, Alabama, on January 10, the business said.

The owners of the Play and Talk store said the customer was offered a free mask when he entered without one. When asked to wear the mask, the customer cut a hole in it and said, “I’m not within 6ft of anyone,” the store said.

The store shared this footage on their Facebook page, showing the man’s reaction when he was asked to leave, tearing his mask off and throwing it at the storeowner before kicking over a table with boxes of masks on it. His companion also removes her mask before leaving the shop.

Alabama Gov Kay Ivey extended the “Safer at Home” mask requirement until January 22. Under the mandate, Alabamans are required to “wear a mask when you are in public and in close contact with other people.” Credit: Play And Talk via Storyful