Al Sharpton Dares Trump To Make 1 Particular Veep Selection After Abraham Lincoln Remark

The Rev. Al Sharpton turbocharged “Morning Joe’s” ridicule of Donald Trump Monday after the repeatedly indicted former president once again compared himself to Abraham Lincoln. (Watch the video below.)

Sharpton accused Trump of insulting the intelligence of “American voters of all races,” and issued a “be my guest” challenge to the presumptive Republican nominee on his choice of a running mate.

Over the weekend, Trump had offered some recycled claptrap about his supposed presidential legacy.

“There’s been no president since Abraham Lincoln that has done more for the Black individual in this country than President Donald J. Trump,” Trump told a National Rifle Association conference. “Not even close.”

On MSNBC, Sharpton assailed the former president’s nomination of three white Supreme Court justices who voted to dismantle affirmative action in college admissions and overturn abortion rights protections.

The civil rights activist also noted that there’s been chatter about Trump possibly selecting Sen. Tim Scott (R-S.C.), who is Black, as his running mate ― a prospect that Sharpton seemed to relish.

“I dare Donald Trump to put Tim Scott on the ticket,” Sharpton said.

The “Rise Up” author has beencritical of Scott, an adversary of Trump in the primaries who’s since become a fawning disciple. Scott has been called out for his tacit support of Trump’s election denials and his sycophantic behavior at times. “I just love you!” he told Trump at an event in January.

“So be my guest, Donald,” Sharpton continued. “Think you can placate us with somebody that just genuflects to you rather than serves their constituents.”

Eddie Glaude Jr., another “Morning Joe” guest, skewered Trump’s habit of comparing himself to Lincoln with a quick but devastating appraisal.

“Donald Trump, in that moment, is not gaslighting us. He’s just being stupid,” he said. “That just doesn’t make sense on any level.”

Glaude, an author and professor of African American studies at Princeton, got some laughs for that one.