Al Pacino, 83, and Noor Alfallah, 29, are 'still together' despite her bid for custody of their son. What we know.

Alfallah has filed for physical custody of their 3-month-old baby.

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What's going on with Al Pacino and Noor Alfallah, who welcomed son Roman in June? Here's what we know. (Getty Images)

Al Pacino's girlfriend, Noor Alfallah, has filed for physical custody of their 3-month-old son, but they are "still together" despite a report to the contrary.

The 83-year-old Oscar winner's newborn, Roman Alfallah Pacino, will primarily reside with 29-year-old Alfallah, according to the court documents filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court and obtained by Yahoo. Pacino will get "reasonable" visitation, though a visitation schedule was omitted from the filing, as well as share joint legal custody to make decisions about the child's health care and education.

Alfallah, who gave birth Roman on June 6, initiated the filing on Wednesday. The Godfather and Scent of a Woman actor acknowledged receipt of the documents using his given name "Alfred Pacino." Also in the paperwork was a "voluntary declaration of parentage," which Pacino signed six days after the child's birth stating that he is the genetic father of the child. There are no future hearings yet scheduled in the manner.

The couple remains "together" despite report of breakup

Extra reported on Thursday that Pacino and Alfallah had broken up, but Pacino's rep shot down that report.

A source told the outlet that Pacino and Alfallah "are no longer romantic, but do spend time together." So Alfallah wants full custody of the baby as well as "more money than what Pacino has offered her so far."

Pacino's rep dismissed the breakup report, and said the couple worked together to establish a formal custody arrangement.

"Al and Noor have successfully worked together and have mutually reached agreements regarding their child Roman," the actor's publicist told Yahoo on Thursday. "They are still together."

According to People magazine, Pacino and Alfallah were out to dinner at Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles — the same day the legal papers were filed. They arrived and left together, and dined with another couple.

Pacino — who has never married — was first linked to Alfallah in April 2022, but got together during the pandemic. In May, his rep confirmed Pacino and Alfallah were having a child. Behind the scenes Pacino was reportedly surprised by the pregnancy and asked for a paternity test, TMZ reported at the time. In June, Pacino told a paparazzo that the baby's arrival was very "special."

Alfallah, listed as a producer on Pacino's upcoming film Billy Knight, shared an Instagram photo of the baby's hand on Aug. 27, calling Roman "my whole heart and the greatest blessing in my life."

Roman is one of four kids for Pacino, who previously had a bitter custody battle

In addition to Roman, Pacino has three other children. He and acting coach Jan Tarrant share a 33-year-old daughter named Julie, who's a producer and director. The acting veteran also has 22-year-old twins, Anton and Olivia, with Vacation actress Beverly D'Angelo.

Perhaps establishing a custody plan early has to do with Pacino's epic legal battle with D'Angelo over their twins two decades ago. The exes, who got together in 1996, went through IVF to have their twins. The babies were born in 2001, but by 2003 Pacino and D'Angelo had split and a heated custody battle began. D'Angelo accused him of being a "play-date dad" who never changed a diaper and tried to prevent him from overnight visits with their kids, according to reports from that era. They were fighting over money as well; his lawyer claimed Pacino was paying his ex $50,000 a month in palimony, $35,000 a month in expenses for the children and for her $18,000-a-month NYC rental apartment. It was all resolved in 2004, to D'Angelo's satisfaction.

D'Angelo opened up about their famous battle earlier this year. "Yikes, it got complicated," she in a candid Instagram video. However, "The power of love for our children was the basis for resolving any conflicts and creating a new history as co-parents." She said they were left forever "intertwined as a family."

According to the Extra report, Pacino's older children have yet to meet their baby brother. Meanwhile, it's noted D’Angelo has "continued to be a friend and ally to Pacino" through his challenging time with Alfallah.