Aka Chio's lips are fully healed after dog bite

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31 Jul – Aka Chio recently assured that she is doing well nearly two weeks after she was attacked by a dog from an animal shelter she visited earlier this month.

As reported on Mingpao, the singer who had to have her upper lips stitched after being bitten by one of the dogs she petted at the shelter, said that she had already gone to the hospital to remove the sutures.

"The wound was painful on the day of the suture removal, but the doctors and nurses were happy that it had healed faster than expected," she said.

Aka admitted that she was worried the most whether there will be scars on her lips after the incident, but is more relaxed now.

"I have started applying scar cream to my lips since the stitches were removed," she said.

The singer also admitted that she didn't dare brushing her teeth for the first two days after her injury in fear that the stitches would open, and instead switched to using mouthwash.

"I had to eat only porridge and drink water through a straw. Now that the wound is healed, I am going to 'retaliate' [with eating]," she said with a smile.

(Photo Source: Mingpao)

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