Eagles WR A.J. Brown sets NFL record, hauls in ridiculous one-hand catch for touchdown

There is no team A.J. Brown has enjoyed playing against more than the Washington Commanders in 2023.

When he needed a get-right game, the Commanders were the perfect remedy. Brown used a nine-catch, 175-yard, two-touchdown performance in Week 4 as a springboard for the current tear he's on.

Brown saved his encore for when he played against Washington at FedEx Field in Week 8.

With 39 seconds left in the first half, Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts threw a back-shoulder pass to the left sideline. As Brown fought with cornerback Benjamin St-Juste, he twirled around, stuck out his right hand and snatched the ball out of the air.

In a single motion, Brown pressed the ball to his chest and got his knee down to score the touchdown.

Hurts and Brown were hardly finished. After seeing one defender and the sideline weren't enough to stop Brown, the Commanders decided to shade a safety over the top of the receiver. No problem, the Eagles — effectively — said.

Seeing the help, Hurts threw the ball short for this score. Brown perfectly understood what needed to happen, and hit the brakes at the very last moment to grab the pass. That allowed his defenders to crash into one another, and Brown went through them for his second touchdown of the game.

At that point, Brown had seven catches for 113 yards and the two scores. And in the fourth quarter, his eighth catch of the day helped him break the NFL record for the most consecutive games with 125 receiving yards or more.

The Eagles prevailed Sunday 38-31.

Detroit Lions great Calvin Johnson previously held the record at five games. Brown had 131 yards in Week 3 against the Buccaneers, 175 yards vs. the Commanders, 127 yards against the Rams, the Jets conceded 131 yards to Brown, and vs. the Dolphins, Brown recorded 131 yards and a touchdown.