Airport birds in Galapagos Islands feast on a french fry

The Galapagos Islands are home to many wonderful and fascinating creatures. Their finches are particularly famous after Charles Darwin landed here and discovered adaptations in the birds and other animals that were unique to these islands. This led him to question why, and he developed his theories of evolution that have shaped the way we view the world, and the way we view ourselves. These delightful little finches make their home in the airport on Santa Cruz Island. They are free to come and go but they have found an ample supply of food that is dropped by the many tourists traveling through. In this case, a large french fry is a meal for several of them. They take turns pecking at it and filling their tiny bellies. None of them are big enough to pick it up and fly off with it until it has been reduced in size. The typical diet of the finches grass seed and the seeds of other plants. They will also eat berries and insects when seeds are not readily available. And occasionally, a well cooked chunk of potato is on the menu as well.