Airlines pull some 737 MAX jets on electrical issue

Just five months after Boeing’s troubled 737 MAX jets finally returned to service, more turbulence. U.S. airlines temporarily grounded more than 60 of those jets Friday.

The moves come one day after Boeing told the Federal Aviation Administration that it recommends temporarily removing some planes from service so it can address a manufacturing issue that could affect its backup power control unit. The aerospace giant wants 16 MAX customers to verify – in its words – “that a sufficient ground path exists for a component of the electrical power system.”

In response, Southwest Airlines removed 30 MAX planes from its schedule; American took out 17, and United pulled 16 MAX planes.

The airlines have no estimate as to when the planes could return to the skies.

A Boeing spokeswoman said the issue is not related to the key safety system tied to the two fatal crashes that led to the 20-month long grounding of the MAX planes.

Boeing shares fell on the news in early trading Friday, making them the Dow’s top decliner.