Airline CEOs see 'glimmer of hope' in rebound

Glimmers of hope are rippling through the airline industry.

No less than three CEOs offered some of the first concrete signs at a JP Morgan Conference on Monday that the slump in air travel that started last March may be over.

The heads of Delta, Southwest and JetBlue each said they are starting to see sales improve, even though revenues for the January to March period are still expected to be down sharply from the same time last year.

The industry is starting to see the flying public come trickling back as the vaccine rollout encourages some to go visit loved ones or even take a vacation.

Beach towns in Florida are seeing a pick-up in business with Spring break just around the corner, according to local media reports.

This past weekend more than 1.3 million passengers passed through TSA screening, that's the highest number since the health crisis caused air travel to nearly ground to halt last March.

Investors are eager for a rebound after watching the top U.S. airlines lose billions of dollars last year... resulting in a third round of government assistance to stave off more layoffs and stay afloat.

Delta’s CEO is so optimistic he thinks his airline will stop burning through cash by the spring – sending the stock up 3-1/2 percent on Monday.

JetBlue was up 5 percent.

The head of United Airlines also spoke at the conference; that stock jumped 7 percent after the CEO said he though the end of the virtual world is near.