Aircraft Seen at Night Responding to Kruger Rock Fire in Estes Park, Colorado

Video taken of the Kruger Rock Fire at Estes Park, Colorado, shows an aircraft flying near the fire prior to the moment a firefighting craft crashed and killed the pilot on November 16.

The Larimer County Sheriff said ground crews reported the crash at 6:37 pm and the wreckage was found around three hours later. This video posted by Elizabeth Jameson was filmed by 6:27, according to Jameson.

CO Fire Aviation identified the pilot as Marc Thor Olson, a 32-year veteran of the Army and Air Force who had at least 42 years of flying experience.

The Kruger Rock fire burning near Estes Park in Colorado reached 145 acres and was considered 40 percent contained on Wednesday evening, according to the United States Forest Service. Credit: Elizabeth Jameson via Storyful

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