Airbnb Launches 'Edna’s Mansion' Experience for Fans of “The Incredibles” — We Tried It!

Airbnb launched a collection of "Icons" on May 1, and the latest release is a replica of Edna Mode's memorable mansion from 'The Incredibles'

<p>Spencer Lowell</p> Edna Mode Airbnb House

Spencer Lowell

Edna Mode Airbnb House

As I pulled into the driveway of one of Airbnb’s latest “Icons,” Edna Mode popped up on a screen beside the gate to welcome me into her mansion.

I drove up the long driveway, where I was immediately greeted by Edna’s assistant, Gwyndlyn. She informed me that Edna was off on a secret mission, so she would be giving me a tour of the hidden modern mansion, surrounded by large glass windows and plenty of greenery.

Unlike Airbnb’s other “Icons,” this one is not offered as an overnight stay. Instead, it is an experience — one where fans of Pixar’s The Incredibles get to transport themselves into the movie during the three-hour tour.

<p>Spencer Lowell</p> Edna Mode's Airbnb Experience

Spencer Lowell

Edna Mode's Airbnb Experience

The first stop inside the house was the kitchen and dining area. There was a round table surrounded by red chairs, where I sat to take a quiz about what my superpower is.

Once I finished (my power was love), a designer came to collect the results so she could get started on making my very own super suit.

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<p>Spencer Lowell</p> Edna Mode Airbnb Living Room

Spencer Lowell

Edna Mode Airbnb Living Room

The next stop was Edna’s closet, complete with a wall of all her looks, red carpet and a vanity where her perfumes and her long cigarette holder sat.

To no surprise, I was met with a sunglasses collection of my dreams and a closet full of Edna’s signature black dresses and shoes — plus a wig made to look exactly like Edna’s classic black bob.

<p>Spencer Lowell</p> Edna Mode Airbnb Closet

Spencer Lowell

Edna Mode Airbnb Closet

Once the designer returned, she led me into the “Mode Collection” fitting room, where I picked out the style of my custom super suit and the materials and colors I wanted, and took exact measurements.

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Surrounding me were life-size mannequins modeling different super suits from the movies, and as I settled in, I flipped through a newspaper with the headline “Mr. Incredible Retires.”

<p>Spencer Lowell</p> Incredibles Airbnb Experience

Spencer Lowell

Incredibles Airbnb Experience

The super suit takes about three weeks to be made, so in the meantime, I was able to enter the Incredibles laboratory to create a custom shield. I chose a heart in red and pink, since my superpower was love.

I also colored in a sketch of my suit, and received samples of the fabrics I chose to get an idea of what it would look like.

<p>Spencer Lowell</p> Edna Mode's Airbnb Experience

Spencer Lowell

Edna Mode's Airbnb Experience

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The last stop of the tour was the backyard. Straight out of the doors stood a replica of the statue that marked Edna’s hilltop mansion in the movies. The gold figure stood over 12 feet tall and definitely brought Edna’s presence.

The Incredibles experience at Edna’s Mansion is free and will take place from June 6-30 in the hills of Los Angeles. Each day, four lucky fans will get to live out their Pixar dreams — including having a custom super suit made for them.

<p>Spencer Lowell</p> The Incredibles Airbnb House

Spencer Lowell

The Incredibles Airbnb House

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Booking closed on May 28, but if you missed it, new additional booking dates for the Up house opened May 27 and close on June 3.

More information on the Incredibles experience, the Up House stay and a tease for the upcoming Inside Out 2 stay can be found on Airbnb's website.

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