Aiman Tino admits to have asked girlfriend's hand in marriage

25 Jan – Aiman Tino recently admitted that his family has gone and met with his business partner Syarah Haifa's family to ask for her hand in marriage.

The singer, who has been dating Syarah for five months, stated that he is determined to take the relationship to the next level by marrying her in the coming months.

"I am currently waiting for the date from her side," he added.

Aiman stated that the two of them have actually been friends for four years prior to their relationship, having worked together in their cookie business.

"Looking at our chemistry and the fact that I feel comfortable sharing anything with her, I decided to ask for her hand and get her family's blessings. I hope that we can be a great couple," he added.

Aiman also stated that he wasn't planning on keeping it a secret, but that he didn't share it with the media prior to the occasion due to the fact that it was just a 'merisik' tradition and not an engagement.

Rumours of engagement first came out after Syarah hinted about it on social media, followed by her brother sharing videos from the occasion on Instagram Story.

The two plan to get married soon
The two plan to get married soon

(Photo Source: Aiman Tino IG, myMetro)