AI news - latest: ChatGPT goes down after it said it wanted to ‘escape’

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ChatGPT has gone down – just days after it said it wanted to “escape”.

They are the latest developments in OpenAI’s technology, which allows users to converse with an artificial intelligence system.

The latest outage comes amid increasing concern over the damage that artificial intelligence could do to artists and other industries.

Experts have raised alarm that the technology could be used to spread disinformation, steal the work of illustrators and others, and much more besides.

But those backing the technology argue that it could dramatically change human productivity, allowing us to automate tasks that have until now been done by people.

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ChatGPT stops working around the world

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Here’s my colleague Anthony Cuthbertson’s full story on the problems at ChatGPT, which says it is suffering an “outage”.

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