AGT Video: Janitor Richard Goodall Delivers Golden Cover of ‘Don’t Stop Believin’ in Season 19 Premiere

A Golden Buzzer for a set of golden pipes? Sounds like a fair trade to us.

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America’s Got Talent returned for Season 19 on Tuesday, inviting more than a dozen new acts to audition for a chance at stardom. And in true AGT fashion, the premiere arguably saved the best for last with Indiana-based custodian Richard Goodall.

“I’m not a fancy person,” he explained to host Terry Crews backstage. “I take out the trash, I wipe off the tables, I sweep the floors — I’m just having fun, and I’m trying to make people happy.”

And that’s exactly what Richard did with his audition, delivering a jaw-dropping rendition of Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin’” that had everyone in the audience on their feet. (Sorry, Glee pilot, but you are no longer the first thing we’re going to think of when we hear this song.)

“Richard, Richard, Richard, you knocked me off my feet!” Heidi Klum said. “We all had the best time with you up on that stage. I really feel something when I see you up there.” And that wasn’t all! “This is what I’m going to do for you, because I love you,” she added, smashing her hands down on the Golden Buzzer, of which each judge now has two this season.

Read on for a breakdown of the other acts sent through by the judges in Tuesday’s premiere, including another Golden Buzzer recipient. When you’re done, drop a comment with your own favorite auditions(s) of the night. Plus, how do you feel about AGT doubling the number of Golden Buzzers?

Los Osos High School

This high school dance crew hopes that making it to AGT will convince their school to give them their own rehearsal space, rather than making them share it with the wrestling team — a dream we fully support, even if we side with Howie Mandel on not being wowed by their audition.

Baby Dev

Are we impressed that this baby can do math faster than we can? Absolutely. Terrified, even. But would we pay good money to watch him outsmart us on a Las Vegas stage? We’re not sure this all adds up to a yes from us.

Sam Huang

It would take more than two hands’ worth of fingers to count the number of years this young Taiwanese magician has spent perfecting his craft. Fortunately, making fingers disappear and reappear at will happens to be Sam’s specialty.

Learnmore Jonasi

Meet the first Golden Buzzer recipient of Season 19: This Zimbabwe-based comedian has been watching AGT with his grandmother for years, so it was only fitting that he auditioned with a set highlighting the differences between life in the U.S. and life in Africa.

Terry Crews was particularly moved by the thought of Learnmore taking 14-hour bus trips just to do five minutes of stand-up comedy back home. “Brother,” Terry told him, “You will never have to go home again.” Boom! Golden Buzzer.

Reyna Roberts

The AGT premiere was full of surprises, but never in our lives did we think we’d hear an original country song inspired by a Star Wars movie. Season 19 is already one for the books.

Ashlee Montague

Despite a shaky start, this ballerina deserves kudos for pulling off two spectacular stunts in a single audition. Not only did she successfully balance along straight line of wine bottles, but she also converted Simon Cowell into a ballet fan! “You don’t see enough ballet on this show,” she said before her performance, to which Simon replied, “For a reason.” Let’s just say the judge was singing a different tune once it was all over.


This India-based contortionist isn’t just a good dancer, or a scary dancer — she’s a scary-good dancer. And we’re too afraid to say otherwise.


Simon’s son’s favorite act from Britain’s Got Talent made his Stateside debut in the AGT premiere, demonstrating a series of poses that made him appear naked. (But don’t worry, he was wearing underpants!) We’ve seen plenty of “dumb” acts over the years, but this is a rare example of dumb done exactly right. If only we had a Golden Buzzer of our own.

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