Agong to discuss cabinet's suggestions with other rulers, calls for calm

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Agong to discuss cabinet's suggestions with other rulers, calls for calm
Agong to discuss cabinet's suggestions with other rulers, calls for calm

Yang di-Pertuan Agong Sultan Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah will discuss with the other rulers on the suggestions he received from the cabinet yesterday, according to a statement issued by Istana Negara.

Comptroller of the Royal Household Ahmad Fadil Shamsuddin said the Agong understands the concerns of the rakyat on the current situation and he urges people to remain calm while waiting for a decision.

"Al-Sultan Abdullah really understands the need for continuity of the country's administration in battling the threat of Covid-19 pandemic. His Royal Highness is also very concerned about the worries of the rakyat over this latest development.

"And thus, following yesterday's audience (with Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin), Sultan Abdullah has agreed to discuss with the Malay rulers soon to discuss and refine all the suggestions presented by Muhyiddin.

"With this, Sultan Abdullah advises the rakyat to remain calm, do not panic, and be patient in facing the situation while waiting for a decision to be made on the suggestions," Ahmad Fadil said.

According to the comptroller, Muhyiddin had an audience with the King at 5pm in Istana Abdul Aziz in Kuantan yesterday, where the premier presented several suggestions that came from yesterday morning's cabinet meeting.

The statement, however, did not give any details on the suggestions or if a proclamation of emergency was part of the suggestions as heavily speculated.

Yesterday, speculations went rife that the government is planning to declare a state of emergency to tackle the worsening Covid-19 pandemic situation.

This was confirmed by a cabinet minister, who told Malaysiakini that the cabinet has agreed to implement this during the special cabinet meeting chaired by Muhyiddin in Putrajaya yesterday.

Meanwhile, the Agong has advised the people not to make any speculations which can create confusion and unrest in the country, according to Ahmad Fadil.

Sultan Abdullah also reiterates his decree to the rakyat that they must continue to play their role in facing the pandemic by being disciplined, and follow all the standard operating procedures.

"Sultan Abdullah calls for the rakyat to pray together with him for Malaysia to be blessed and protected from all forms of threats and for the Covid-19 outbreak to be fought effectively and that it can be ended soon."