Aggressive python caught after trying to eat farmer’s chickens

An aggressive python was caught after trying to eat a farmer's chickens in Thailand. Benjawan Limpipattanawong had just returned home when she noticed her dogs furiously barking at something in Trang province on April 25. The farmer checked on the animals and found an 8ft-long snake slithering around her chicken coop and trying to eat the birds inside. She immediately called the animal rescuers for help who arrived to secure it but the hungry snake was defiant to have its meal and fought with the team. During the pursuit the snake had retreated on top of a coconut tree so the rescuers had to climb up before they could reach it with their pole. Due to the tree's height the team had difficulty with the operation and spent two hours before they were able to secure the snake. Benjawan thanked the animal rescuers and said that the snake was not able to eat any of her chickens as they were inside the cage. She said: ‘My chickens were so terrified of the python. They kept making noises so I rushed to check on them. Fortunately I arrived just in time.’ Wuttichai Pondpermsuk one of the animal rescuers said: ‘It tried to escape by slithering into the forest and climbing on a coconut tree. 'We tried so long to take it down and it eventually fell to the ground. However, we continued the fight for two hours before we could catch it.’