Agatha All Along Stars Tease ‘Hilarious’ and ‘Surprisingly Deep’ WandaVision Spinoff — Plus, Might There Be MCU Cameos?

Agatha All Along Stars Tease ‘Hilarious’ and ‘Surprisingly Deep’ WandaVision Spinoff — Plus, Might There Be MCU Cameos?

By the time Agatha All Along lands on Disney+ this September, it will have been several years since the WandaVision spinoff formally began brewing at the streamer. Understandably, then, it’s “very surreal” for series star Kathryn Hahn to at last be promoting the series ahead of its fall release.

“It really is a very surreal chapter that’s starting for us,” Hahn told TVLine’s Matt Webb Mitovich on the red carpet at Disney’s Upfront presentation on Tuesday. “It’s finally coming home to roost that we got to do this, that we got to do it with this group of people, and that hopefully it’s as special [to watch] as it was making it. It certainly felt crackly and special and fantastic [during production].”

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In the video above, Hahn (who will be back as Agatha Harkness in the offshoot) and co-star Patti LuPone (who plays witch Lilia Calderu) tease what they can about the project — it’s Marvel, after all! — namely the “amazing mixture” of drama, comedy and horror that make up Agatha All Along‘s tone.

“It is hilarious, but it also goes very surprisingly deep,” Hahn shares, when asked how the spinoff compares to WandaVision‘s unique style. “It’s very sophisticated. I think everyone’s going to respond to it and maybe grab hold of something that they really — like in WandaVision — weren’t expecting.”

Agatha All Along — which appears to be the series’ very final title, after three years of other contenders — kicks off with a two-episode premiere on Wednesday, Sept. 18. Watch our full Q&A above to get more of Hahn and LuPone’s hints about the show, including how Agatha might break the spell Wanda cast on her in WandaVision‘s finale, and whether Marvel fans should keep their eyes peeled for any special cameos.

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