S.Africa's Eskom to resume power cuts

STORY: Outages are set to return in South Africa following an 11-day pause after struggling state-owned utility Eskom said there was a shortage of generation capacity.

Africa's most advanced economy recently suffered power cuts for several weeks, prompting public anger and hampering business.

That included implementing so-called "Stage 6" power cuts for only the second time in the country's history - leaving most South Africans without power for at least six hours a day.

In a statement, Eskom said it would implement "Stage 2" power cuts from 4pm to midnight local time on Wednesday (Aug 3) and Thursday (Aug 4).

The cause, the company said, was a delay in returning several generation units to service - while others had broken down.

Eskom has an ageing power station fleet comprised mainly of coal plants that are highly prone to faults.

Government efforts to add additional capacity have been slow and this year a record amount of electricity is set to be cut from the grid.

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