Afghans crossing border urge leniency for sick people

"People with sickness are worried. My father has cancer. They allowed him so we have reached here. My son is also sick with kidney ailment. He is (left) there (Afghan side of border). I am waiting for him. We want that both sides be lenient to allow patients so that they can get treatment," said Afghan national Shakoor.

Pakistan's Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid said on Monday (August 30) that Pakistan had not granted refugee status to a single person from Afghanistan till now, amid the evacuation of foreigners and Afghans following the Taliban takeover of Kabul.

Celebratory gunfire resounded across Kabul on Tuesday as Taliban fighters took control of the airport before dawn, after the withdrawal of the last U.S. troops, marking the end of a 20-year war that left the Islamist militia stronger than it was in 2001.

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