Afghan reinvents himself as a mushroom farmer

Rasool Rezaie has reinvented himself as a mushroom farmer

The Afghan set up his own farm about two years ago

after his application for asylum in Europe was rejected

At first Rezaie cultivated mushrooms in one room of his home

Now he takes 30 kilograms of oyster mushrooms to markets every day

'When I returned to Afghanistan, I was not very sure for the first two years whether I would succeed in this profession or not, so I decided to be a shopkeeper, until one day I came up with the idea of creating a mushroom farm and I said to myself, 'when I have experience of this profession, why shouldn't I do it?' That's why I started doing this in Afghanistan and thank God people have welcomed my work so far."

His ultimate hope is to encourage other farmers

to grow mushrooms instead of the lucrative poppy