Afghan refugees in Italy worry for family left behind

At this refugee camp holding more than 1,000 Afghan people

many have left someone behind.

"We are very worried about my family, there is my family, all my family in Kabul right now."

The camp is in Avezzano, 49 miles east of Rome, and is run by the Italian Red Cross.

The faces of the refugees could not be filmed, most did not want to give their names.

The last Italian plane carrying Afghan civilians left Kabul on August 27.

This man says his parents couldn't get to the airport, because they are over 60 years old.

"I feel very worried about them because they are in danger, my father and my brother and my parents they live there."

The last U.S. troops are due to pull out of Kabul by Tuesday, after they and their allies mounted the biggest air evacuation in history.

There is uncertainty as to how the Taliban will govern the country.

They have given assurances that evacuations will be allowed to continue.

"Actually the future is very complicated, I see it as very complicated because we do not trust the Taliban and Daesh and other groups of terrorists. It is a good place now at least for them."

Everyone who recently arrived in Italy has to undergo seven days of quarantine as a safeguard against COVID-19.

They will then be transferred to other refugee centers scattered across Italy.

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