The Afghan minister who became a bike courier

Sayed Sadaat once served as a government official in Afghanistan, now he has a more humble existence delivering food in Germany.

Sadaat served as a communications minister until 2018 before leaving his home country last September in search of a better life.

With degrees in IT and telecom, the 49-year-old had hoped to find work in a related field.

But without any German, his chances were slim.

Instead, he took work in the eastern city of Leipzig delivering meals on his bike.

For him, a job is a job and he says other politicians should follow suit.

"I am proud that my soul is happy and I have nothing to be feeling guilty - so I am doing an ordinary job and I hope other politicians also follow the same way to work with the public rather than just keeping hiding."

Sadaat's story has gained particular prominence with the chaos unfolding in Afghanistan after the Taliban takeover.

Family and friends of his also want to leave – hoping to join the thousands of others on evacuation flights.

The number of Afghan asylum seekers in Germany has risen since the beginning of the year jumping by more than 130% according to recent data from the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees.

Sadaat says Afghans are sick of war and tired of fighting.

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